Good to See U Die!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Granted to be fine,
How fine is the fine?
Good to discern you were at this juncture,
Let me demolish your rotten body.

Protracted to see you approach the procession,
Can't remain my anguish toward you,
If truth be told,
A big blow of rifle still can resist my hate.

Everyone know that trash already filth,
But the blatant face of you is extra putrefying.

Breathe your last breath!
Depart this life!
Go to meet your maker!
Give up the ghost!

Revolting manner illustrate plainly,
Immature approach craft me nauseous,
Subsequent to all your deeds,
Not a hint slakes my enthusiasm.

How long must my heart bleed,
I don't know,
Maybe eternally,
Or momentarily,
Sooner or later I'll distinguish.

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1 kRiTiKaN:

mastikus said...

seronok tengok kamu mati??