Concealed Moans

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Now the tears keep falling,
But only kept inside,
I’m not the man I used to be,
The external joy cannot bare the internal,

You thought it was a red rose to yourself,
But it’s only a dark black hole to me,

I feel lonely even I have you,
Please God show me the way,
How long must I hid this mighty secret,
That I’m just a puppet to your contentment,

*Concealed moan, I’m not meant to love you,
Forgive my sins, I lied big time with you,
I just can’t see you cry, you are too good for me,
Let me drive my way to agony,

Sometimes we chose the wrong path without thinking,
The winds blow and battle with the clouds,
Years passing by with no emotion,
Selling my soul to the fates.

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